Sindh United Party



Chairman Sindh United Party

Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah is founder, founder president and now chairman Sindh United Party, founded on December 9, 2006.
He put foundations of new national democratic party of Sindh. SUP is first democratic party of 21st century Sindh. It inherits dual legacies of 20th century Sindh.
In 1930s, Mr. G M Syed, the grandfather of Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah and father of Sindhi Nationalism was in the forefront to form Sindh United Party in British India. SUP of Jalal Mehmood Shah is a link of history, the history of democratic politics of Sind of Hind and of Sindh of Pakistan.

Just like his father, Syed Imdad Muhammad Shah, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah entered in parliament as independent candidate. His father, the younger son G M Syed had joined Awami League of Sheikh Mujeeb ul Rehman. After breakup of Pakistan, he never joined any political party of Pakistan. In 1980s, Syed Imdad Muhammad Shah elected in Parliament of Pakistan as independent candidate where he upholded the politics of principles which is rare commodity in body politics of Pakistan. In 1990s, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah elected in Sindh Assembly where he bacame deputy speaker and acting speaker of Sindh Assembly. Since he didn’t get dictation from non democratic rulers of Pakistan in that tenure, he couldn’t enter the parliament again though he has consistently contested the elections of 2008, 2013, 2018. In the last elections he had obtained more than 90k votes. Here invisible hands work visibly. Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah is man of character and kind nature. Though his word is final in the party but he never dictates. In Pakistan, almost all political leaders of so called democratic parties also behave like dictators and humiliate their colleagues and cadre at different occasions whereas Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah of Sindh United Party treats all his colleagues, cadre and masses with honour and dignity. In his company, you will feel honored. He is humble, honest and kindhearted soul of Sindh. He commands respect among all sections of sociey and his role has transformed from leader of Sindh United Party to Guiding Soul of National Unity.


President Sindh United Party

Sayed Zain Shah is a political leader and activist from Sindh province of Pakistan. He was born on October 5, 1966 and received his primary education in Sann and Nawabshah before attending Cadet College Petaro for his secondary and higher secondary education. After completing his schooling, Sayed Zain Shah graduated from the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology College Nawabshah with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Upon graduation, Sayed Zain Shah began working as an electrical engineer at the Jamshoro Thermal Power Station, before joining the Sindh government as an electrical inspector on merit. However, in 1995, he was issued a show cause notice by the government due to political rivalry and decided to leave his government job to pursue a career in politics.

Sayed Zain Shah has been involved in politics for many years, starting with his involvement in nationalist student politics during his university days. After the death of his grandfather, Sain G.M. Sayed, in 1995, he was appointed convenor of the Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz, a newly-formed organization that was the result of the unification of various groups of the Jeay Sindh movement.


Senior Vice President, Sindh United Party (SUP)

Contact: 03003036178

City: Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan

Date of birth: 03/09/1958

Education: M.A Political Science

Political Career:

1977: Joined Jeay Sindh Student Federation.

Remained active throughout student life

Became Dadu District President of broad based political alliance Sindh Democratic Alliance (SDA)

Contested local body elections and elected Nazim(Head) of Union Town Bhan Saeedabad.

Elected chairman Khidmat Committee (People’s service committee) of Taluka Sehwan Sharif

Joined SUP in 2007

Elected General Secretary of SUP for two tenures

2015-2018 & 2018-2021.

Elected Senior Vice President SUP in 2021

Elected coordinator of Sindh based alliance for protection of National Rights of Sindh named Sindh Bachayo Committee (Save Sindh Committee)

Elected coordinator of census committee of Sindh for Census 2017

Elected coordinator of broad based alliance of Ten Political parties of Sindh named Sindh Action Committee (SAC)

Organised Sindh Marches against rampant corruption, terrorism and religious fundamentalism in Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana & Nawabshah

Actively led successful movements in 2013 against dual local body system

Successfully launched movement against usurpation of Sindh Islands by Federal Govt. on the platform of Sindh Action Committee. 

In 2021 organised a mass movement against usurpation of lands and forced eviction of local people by Bahria Town Karachi.

In 2022 launched mass movement for rehabilitation of flood affected people

Price of Political Activism:

I was awarded jail rewards during the martial law years of General Zia-ul-Haq (1978-86) for waging the war against atrocities of military rule.

I was first student who was punished with five lashes, the brutal kind of punishment by summary military court Dadu.

Went through the military torture camp in Hyderabad.

Passes the periods of punishment in District Jail Dadu, Central Jail Hyderabad, Central Jail Karachi, Juvenile Jail Karachi, Nara Jail Hyderabad & District Jail Nawabshah.


Service of Sindh and people of Sindh is my passion. To see Sindh as bright star among world community of nations is my dream which I am sure will come true.

Future Planning:

To contest next elections for Sindh Assembly.

To protect national rights of Sindh.


To lead SUP to higher altitudes of people’s power.


Vice President Sindh United Party


Contact: 03332740932

City: Karachi

Date of birth: 05/7/1962

NTN: 7246092-3

Education: B.E (Electronics), M.A (Economics), LLB.

Timeline of Political Activities:

1977: Joined Jeay Sindh Student Federation in Degree College Larkana. Remained active throughout student life at Dawood Engineering College Karachi.

1985: Founded Sindh Dost Inqilabi Party

1996: Started research work on new humanist philosophy.

2000: Discovered foundation stones of new humanist civilization and work on it goes on.

2008: Founded Sindh Dost Rabita Council

2016: Founded Sindhu Vaas Foundation ( 

2016: Joined Sindh United Party & became Member of Central Executive Committee (CEC)

2018: Contested Election For Sindh Assembly Seat of PS-11 Larkana on SUP ticket.

2018: Became Vice President of SUP


Ideals of French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; Goals of Bolshevik Revolution: Classless Society, End of all forms of exploitation, Egalitarian Humanist Society; Thoughts of G.M Syed, Karl Marx, Angels, Lenin, Comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi & works of national and international progressive writers and poets of fiction and non-fiction literature especially poetic message of Shah Latif, The philosopher poet, have always remained my source of inspiration.


Consistently writes on Politics, History, Philosophy etc in Sindhi, Urdu & English.

Published Works:

Sindh and Sindhu Vaas (Book in Sindhi)

Peoples Party and Sindh (Booklet in Sindhi and Urdu)

Political Essays in News Leaf (in English)

Blog link (

Articles in Newspapers in Daily Kawish, Daily Jeejal, Daily Penhji Ikhbar (In Sindhi)

 Edited and published KRIZMA Digest

Translated in Sindhi: AL CHEMIST of Paulo Coelho.

Also worked in STILL STANDING (a documentary made by British company Pinch Media).

Future Planning:

Consistently working for Sovereignty of Sindh and Betterment of Humanity.

Consistently working on new found philosophy of Sindhu Civilization and Mumta Raj, the ideal of new humanist civilization.


To steer up SUP as vanguard of Sindh and top-most political stakeholder and representative of people of Sindh (Of all Sindh Vaasi people).

To lay foundation of humanist society of 21st century.


Vice President Sindh United Party

Ameer Azad Panhwar is an advocate by profession. He joined Sindh United Party in 2020 and serving as a Vice President. He is a politician belonging to area of Badin. He is an influential personality in his area. He was born on 17.06.1986. He started his political career in 2004 and joined Jeay Sindh Student Federation and served as a central president. He joined Jeay Sindh Qoumi Mahaz and served as a senior vice president and chairman. 

He aims to serve the people of Sindh under the leadership of Sindh United Party.


General Secretary Sindh United Party (SUP)

Father Name: Mr. Bubak Thebo, colleague of Saein GM Syed.

Contact: 03332631500

City: Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan 

Date of Birth: 22/03/1969

Occupation: Landlord

Political Career:

Entered in politics at very young age of 13.

In 1982, joined Latif Sangat (early age student front of Jeay Sindh Movement named after great poet of Sindh Shah Latif).

In 1985, joined Jeay Sindh Student Federation (JSSF) and remained on key posts of JSSF throughout student life.

In 1988, became General Secretary of Jeay Sindh Muhaaz, Dist. Hyderabad. 

Became founder member of SUP in 2006 under the leadership of Mr. Jalal Mehmood Shah.

Elected Central Deputy General Secretary of SUP  for three tenures and Information Secretary for one tenure.

Elected General Secretary of SUP in 2021.

Actively played leading role in national struggle for rights of Sindh since 1982 till the day.

Suffered imprisonment in various lockups from 13/05/1988 to 15/09/1988.

Democratic Credentials:

Contested General Elections in 2013 & 2018 for Sindh Assembly.

Worked vigorously in election campaign of party president Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah.

Got elected SUP supported panel of UC Turk Ali Marri District Tando alahyar in local bodies election 2022.

Working hard to get elected other party supported councillors and UCs in second phase of LG polls 2022 to be held on 15 Jan 2022.

Future Planning:

To serve Sindh with commitment and consistency.

To contest elections for Sindh Assembly seat in next elections.


To organise party on sound footing.


Deputy Information Secretary Sindh United Party

Ghulam Mustafa Chandio is serving as a deputy information Secretary of Sindh United Party. He joined Sindh United Party in 2017. He was born on 21.12.1965. He started his political career from Sindh T arraqi Pasand )STP). He also served as a member Central Committee of PPP Shaheed Bhutto. He also joined Sindh National Movement which was merged with Sindh United Party in 2017.

He aims to serve the people of Sindh under the leadership of Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah.


Joint Secretary Sindh United Party

Abdul jabbar Islami Joined Sindh United Party in 2006 and presently serving as the Joint Secretary of the Party. He is the founding member of the Party. He was born on 1.12.1970. He belongs from Thari Mirwah Khairpur. He received his master degree in sindhi from Shah Abdul Latif University in 1997. He started his political career in 1985 from Jeay Sindh Student Federation.

He aims to serve the people of Sindh under the leadership of Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah.


Information Secretary Sindh United Party

Naveed Amin who is known as Khawaja Naveed Amin in Political and social circle joined Sindh United party in December 2006. He is the founding member of the Party. He began his political career in SUP as an organizer UC 12, Soldier Bazar Jamshaid Town Karachi and rose to the rank of Media Coordinator to strengthen the party in media.  He is an advocate by profession and Politician by passion. He is serving as the Information Secretary of Sindh United Party and emerged SUP as a powerful voice on Media. He has strong media relations skills. He is also a member of the Central Committee, Central Executive Committee and Central Executive Body of the party. 

Khawaja Naveed belongs to a business family. His father and grandfather were pioneers in the field of leather business since 1880 under the name of                      S. Mohkamdin Muhammad Amin. 

Naveed Amin was born, bred and educated in Karachi. He received his early education from St. Lawrence’s boys school Karachi and received a degree of bachelor of laws from the Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.

Naveed Amin aims to serve the people of Sindh under the leadership of Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah and also aims to raise the voice of Sindh rights through the platform of Sindh United Party in social, electronic and print media.


Finance Secretary Sindh United Party

Mukhtiar Ahmed Memon Joined Sindh United Party in 2009 and presently serving as the Finance Secretary of the Party. He received a master degree in Sindhi from Sindh University. 

He aims to serve the people of Sindh under the leadership of Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah.