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The Real Problem Plaguing the Country: Corruption

Is this country’s important economic or political problem terrorism or integrity?

Perhaps it has not been understood by anyone till today, or it has been understood that no one has made any real effort to solve it. On the one hand, the country’s economy is on the brink of destruction; on the other hand, Imran Khan’s party has again announced nationwide demonstrations to heat the political arena. The country’s economic situation is going through, and the political crisis will further weaken the country’s economy, and no solution will be able to give it. Behind the creation of a political crisis, some hands mainly aim to achieve their interests.On the one hand, a new wave of terrorism has entered the country from the Afghan border with the West, worsening the country’s peace and order situation. Certainly, this will also impact the country’s economy when the peace and order within the government are not better. All types of business and tourism will be affected.


On the other hand, the market of dishonesty is more advanced than before, as a result of which the performance of any institution in the country is giving rise to economic loss instead of national economic stability. These statements are being made that the country’s real problem is terrorism and a poor economy. The top notches of the country are only seeing terrorism and a bad economy, but they cannot understand the real problem and give a solution to it. A bad economy can be improved if the economic policies are good, political problems can be solved if the parliament is independent, terrorism can be countered if the security guards of the country only do their work honestly, and the market of dishonesty can be stopped if justice is fair. And the judiciary should be independent. When an attempt is made to run the country through interventionist institutions, the situation will worsen instead of improve.


It is a big question why is this intervention needed? When an organisation tries to interfere with its boundaries and the boundaries of another organisation through its power, there must be some reason for it. That reason is the root of all the problems in this country.When someone needs to intervene because of personal or institutional power, it is mainly to achieve their wrong desires. One of the significant gains in personal gain is financial gain. This proves that the real problem of this country is corruption. Corruption is rampant in every institution of the state. Whenever someone gets absolute power, abuse of that power leads to corruption and dishonesty. Corruption is rampant in every institution of the country that has high authority. Institutions are created to prevent crime, but they promote it more than eliminate it. Terrorists enter the country from across the border due to corruption.

Due to corruption, wheat, fertiliser, and dollars are easily smuggled from the country across the border. When sin destroys the country’s institutions, these institutions become a burden on the public treasury instead of their better performance. As a result, they can run again and again by assisting with the public treasury. Due to corruption, the money invested in the country’s development, industry, roads and agriculture goes out of the country through corrupt politicians and the star-bearers of powerful institutions.

Due to corruption, government institutions make plans for their own better future instead of planning for the country’s better future. Crime is so common that it has become a part of daily business. Every institution is ready to perform any work with corruption and corruption. Until this corruption is eliminated from this country, no better future for the country can be possible.

Whatever money comes into the country, be it aid from foreign governments or loans from international financial institutions, most of it goes to the personal treasures of some individuals due to corruption. The billions of dollars that the politicians and generals have made in foreign countries have indeed been obtained by taking a bite out of the treasury of this country.

This is the reason that the billions of dollars that have been received in the form of loans or aid over the years have not had any effect on the increase in the productive resources of the country. Until now, if the properties and bank balances of Pakistan’s politicians, bureaucrats and general abroad are searched, it will be known what the reason for the destruction of the country is. The easiest thing in Pakistan is corruption; all the other things are difficult. The reason is that there is corruption in all of them, be it the judiciary or administration. If the country’s economy is to be reformed or political stability is to be brought within the country, it is necessary to eliminate corruption first.

Corruption is also the reason for the interference of non-political organisations and parties in politics. This trick only goes so that they can give each other safe passage.The series of audio and video leaks released at this time are also related to corruption. Institutions with the authority or access to them collect such evidence to facilitate their crime. They may come in handy for their financial interests or gaining power.

When there is an attempt to control the politics within the state, it will not only weaken the political institutions, but the very foundation of the country will begin to weaken. Judiciary, administration, military forces and parliament can be controlled if they continue to perform their duty without interference. There is a need for such an operation in this country where the total elimination of corruption should be the main point.

This country’s economic and political stability is only possible once a serious step is taken to eradicate corruption. Corruption is rampant and has permeated every institution in this country. The primary purpose of political expediency and the acquisition of power is to be a partner in crime. So if that foundation is destroyed, the country’s better future can be possible.


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